A Digital Laboratory.

We redefine traditional sales & marketing
experiences with interactive media.

We roam the digital fringe.

After years of futilely combing the far reaches of the planet for hospitable conditions, AstroMutt launched into orbit to provide clients with what they deserve: Extraordinary digital experiences with no compromises.
We are comprised of a diverse team of interactive experts with a shared appreciation for high-quality, cutting-edge digital experiences. We believe the best solutions are grounded in user-centered design principles that create conversations, inspire innovation, and challenge the status quo.
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We think big… or small.

AstroMutt is platform & form-factor agnostic. We love designing the unimaginable and embrace all screen shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a ten foot multi-touch table, a motion-detected museum exhibit, or a mobile video game, we thrive in bringing your vision to life.

Games & Gamification

Whether on an iPhone or website, gaming is a great way to kill some time, but it can also provide an opportunity to experience a brand, or learn about a product.

  Learning & Education

Using simulations & gaming techniques are a great way for both kids and adults to explore a subject, allowing them to make mistakes so they can learn to adapt from those mistakes.

Interactive Media Installations

Installations that play out in the realm where the physical and digital worlds meet allows you to build experiences that allow participants to interact directly with your brand.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality’s ability to transport you inside a digital environment is unmatched by other techniques. If total immersion is what you’re after, then it’s time to don some goggles.

…and anything else you can imagine.

AstroMutt works as your special projects team. Many agencies can build you a mobile app or website, but struggle when your project falls outside their area of digital expertise; We can bring your vision to life no matter what the delivery platform.

Recent projects we are proud to share.

900lbs of Creative believes that great things happen through collaboration. We align ourselves with the right strengths and trustworthy partnerships in order to achieve great results for our clients. Jay and Paul have been great to work with.

Steve DeitzPresident/Creative Director of 900lbs of Creative

I recently had the pleasure of working with AstroMutt. Great team, extremely reliable, and I can't wait to work with them again.

Ethan ComptonInteractive Producer @ ReelFX

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